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Bud Light, homophobic urges and penguin marriage

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Budweiser’s gender non-binary ad

Comedians Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen star in an an ad for Bud Light in which they reject the gender binary and declare “Beer should have labels, not people.”

More evidence homophobes are repressing gay urges

A study at the University of Geneva gives more credence to the theory that homophobic people are repressing their own same-sex urges. In the study, more homophobic men’s gaze lingered longer on images of gay couples.

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The new Burma no better for LGBT people

While Burma’s first Democratic government, led by Aung San Suu Kyi, is reforming the country from its dictatorial past, LGBT people are not seeing any change, reports the Daily Beast. Violence against the country’s transgender sex workers continues unabated, and a representative of Suu Kyi’s regime laughed at the idea of protecting them.

Sweden to deport soccer player to Liberia

After he was arrested at a Pride event this summer, a Liberian man who had made a career playing soccer in Sweden is awaiting deportation back to Liberia. He says if he returns he will be in danger of jailing and abuse.

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British Antarctic gets same-sex marriage

The contested wedge of the Antarctic claimed by the UK is getting a legal overhaul, including updated marriage laws permitting same-sex marriage. The territory has a population of only about 250 people, however, and seven species of penguins.