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Bullied 68-year-old bus monitor gets $200K vacay

If you haven’t seen the video of Rochester New York’s Karen Klein being bullied while monitoring a bus of middle school students, watch below. Although, be warned, it will probably make you uncomfortable.

While monitoring the bus ride, 68-year-old Karen was relentlessly bullied by three eighth-grade students who repeatedly belittled and put her down, calling her fat and at one point, even poking her “flubber.” The grandmother of eight tries to keep calm but can’t stop herself from eventually breaking down in tears.

I remember being in the eighth grade. I said some horrible things to people, and to staff working at my school, too. I never had an experience that I regret as much as I bet you, the three boys in this video, will in a few years (if they’re lucky enough to actually grow the hell up), but I still understand that kids will be kids. And by that I mean, fucking jerks. 

Luckily, Karen’s story has a happy ending. A very happy ending. What started with a campaign to raise $5,000 dollars to send her on a much needed vacation, has reportedly received close to $200,000 dollars in donations.

She told Good Morning America that the money “does make her feel better.”

No shit!

Have a wonderful vacation retirement, Karen. 

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