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Bully documentary gets PG rating in BC; sign petition for USA

Harvey Weinstein is still fighting the good fight for his upcoming documentary about bullying in schools, simply titled Bully. The MPAA is insisting it get an R rating for "language." How stupid is that? A few swear words that kids use more than adults is what's preventing this movie from reaching the people it's intended for and who could benefit from it the most! I think it's a slap in the face by stubborn MPAA members who aren't seeing reason. The danger here isn't showing this film to kids; it's not showing it to them! 

Thankfully, Canadian censors in BC agree, granting the documentary a PG rating. "I am thrilled that kids of all ages can now join their parents, teachers, social work advocates and leaders to bring about change for this deeply important cause," the film's director Lee Hirsch said in a statement.

Alliance Films, which is distributing Bully in BC, has also made its stance clear to the MPAA: "the PG rating reinforces the movie's message that bullying must be urgently addressed with great care and consideration."

Ellen DeGeneres is also advocating with an American student by the name of Katy Butler who has started a petition to urge the MPAA to make Bully accessible to kids. You can sign the petition here.

Hopefully, the MPAA will change its decision, because as Ellen says, this movie can save lives.

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