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Bundle up and boogie down

Gay life in Winnipeg

1973. Winnipeg Gay Club Happenings opened in 1973 and closes in 2003. It is the longest running gay bar in Canada.

1987. 250 people march in Winnipeg’s first gay pride.

1990. The term two-spirit originates in Winnipeg during the third annual intertribal Native American/First Nations gay and lesbian conference.

1998. The Honourable Glen Murray is elected mayor of Winnipeg, the first out gay mayor in Canada.

2007. Capital Xtra writer Sarah Fraser is wow-ified by Winnipeg’s queerness.


Land of the lumberjills

Gay life in the Yukon

1989. Yukon territory makes discrimination against gays and lesbians illegal.

2004. Yukon territory is the fourth jurisdiction in Canada to allow equal marriage.

2005. Stephen Dunbar-Edge launched a gay tourism business specializing in eco-adventure, sightseeing, history, culture, events, Yukon Pride Adventure Tours (see Queer Yukon for details).