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Burning Men

Three things you need to know about Meet the GlamCocks

Some Glamcocks.
There are 600 campsites set up at the Burning Man festival, but Glamcocks is by far the most fabulous. Meet the GlamCocks is a story about the making and partaking of the sexually charged campsite. Xtra lists three things you need to know about the divine desert ravers before seeing the doc at this year’s festival.
1 – Gays Always Find a Way to Dance
Director Vincent Rommelaere’s GlamCocks proves homos can make a disco anywhere. Chronicling a cohort of nearly 60 fags, the doc sees them build a surprisingly elaborate disco in the middle of Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, complete with drag queens, DJs, lightshows and a fun-fur-lined chill-out pad called the Cock Roost.
2 – Lots of Skin
The desert’s scorching heat means there’s plenty of flesh. Whether they’re constructing their temporary nightclub, dancing the night away, or hosing down in their communal shower, the Cocks rarely wear more than underwear, if anything at all. There’s plenty of talk about fucking, even if it’s never captured on camera. As one Cock says, “Some of these tents have more traffic than JFK on a weekday.”
3 – You’ll Want to Go (But You Can’t)
It’s less documentary than promotional video. “The Burn” (as veterans call it) is well known for its dark side (drug overdoses, tangles with law enforcement and accusations of environmental unsustainability). But the film errs on the upbeat, focusing on the sense of community, elaborate costumes and wild parties. The bad news? This year is already sold out. Tickets sales for 2014 open in December. – Chris Dupuis