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Busy like a Queen Bee

Kenneth Simon Hamlin sees a great future for Vancouver

Credit: TJ Ngan

Michael Venus: So tell us what you have been up to as far as work goes? I know that you are very busy like a queen bee.

KSH: Work; now there’s another four- letter word that I happen to be passionate about! I spend my time coordinating and promoting events for local businesses and non-profit groups on a freelance basis. All aspects of event production and marketing routinely abscond with my daily schedule. My primary focus lately has been with Bfly Atelier in Gastown and for A Loving Spoonful.

MV: How did you get involved with A Loving Spoonful and what exactly is it you do with them?

KSH: I initially became an avid supporter of A Loving Spoonful fundraisers when I moved to Vancouver in 1998. My experience in event planning, marketing and promotions made me a natural fit for their fund development committee, which I joined in 2001. This committee meets monthly to generate new ideas and events to assist in funding A Loving Spoonful programs. In addition, I was recruited to join the board of directors in 2003.

MV: Tell what you do for fun when you aren’t doing a million things.

KSH: I’m a very social person, so many of the events and fundraisers I work on are fun for me. I tend to be passionate about travel, fashion, art, music, rollerblading and good food. My friends tell me the best thing I make for dinner is reservations!

MV: Give our readers a little history about your past and how you ended up in lovely Vancouver.

KSH: The question I seem to get most! I’m a West Coast boy from the start. Born in Oregon, raised in Los Angeles and Seattle with a BS in marketing, I immigrated to Vancouver in October of 1998.

As a landed immigrant, many people ask me ‘why Vancouver?’

The answer is simple: all you need to do is have one look at the mountains, the water, the quality of life. Or as I like to do, blade the seawall and it just feels like home!

MV: Let’s get a little bit sexual here, kiddo. Are you a pitcher or a catcher?

KSH: Michael, I had no idea you were into team sports. Baseball really isn’t my thing, but I sure enjoy a good dose of retail therapy on Robson.

MV: What do you tend to jerk to?

KSH: Ahhhh, a food question. I’m passionate about food, especially a good Jamaican jerked chicken dish. I also enjoy Thai, Mexican, and Italian usually prepared by someone other than me. My oven tends to be used for storage.

MV: How do you see Vancouver’s gay scene as we approach the Olympics in 2010? For better or for worse?

KSH: Vancouver currently has a great deal to offer; sometimes you just have to know where to look. I do believe, however, that this city is truly on the verge of a wonderful renaissance. Check out the exploding skyline, the Olympics win, the city’s commitment to erasing the ‘no fun’ image, and the different groups already nurturing Vancouver’s evolving culture. I, for one, will embrace and participate in the city’s growth and take great pleasure in watching it emerge into a truly world-class locale for both residents and visitors alike.

MV: What can we expect from you in the near future?

KSH: I’m continually approached with new projects and opportunities, which keeps it all fresh for me. Currently, I’m co-chairing a fundraiser for the Vancouver AIDS memorial and working on a fundraiser for A Loving Spoonfull called Smooch! If that isn’t enough, I have my ongoing commitment with Bfly Atelier’s events and openings.


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