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Butch queens, sex sirens and vogue


To compete: 

There will be a sign-up sheet for each category at the judges’ table. Please place your name and number under the category you wish to compete in. You may compete in more than one category, but please make sure you WERK the theme. 

People may also compete last-minute during categories, just make sure you run up to the judges’ table to give your name and number before werkin the runway. Each person gets about a minute. I drop the tracks, you twerk it.

The ball drops at midnight!”

I’m judging along with Davie diva Quanah Style, and we are joined by Mother Jolina La Douche, in from Toronto! For sex siren, same rules go as last time. The more flesh I see, the higher your score. If you show me your asshole, you get a high score and my number! And maybe a trophy! Don’t forget the trophy. 

The night is MCed by Symone fucking Says, with divine beats supplied by DJ Kasey Riot: