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Bywords warms the night

Publishing and supporting local writers for a decade, Bywords Quarterly Journal is asking Ottawa’s poetic philanthropists to support Cornerstone housing for women at their annual Bywords Warms the Night event.

The Sun, Jan 27 launch of Bywords issue 10-4 will feature readings by Acadian poet Dominique Bernier-Cormier, JC Bouchard, Heather Davidson, Cassandra Nykyforak, Catherine Ruth Taylor and crime writer cb forrest. Music by singer-songwriter Jill Zmud follows the prose.

When the hat makes the rounds, a donation to Cornerstone nets donors a copy of Bywords’ latest issue.

“It is important that Bywords be involved in community outreach,” Bywords selector Pamela Mosher says. “Whether it’s the readers, the writers or the selection committee, we’re all part of that same community. It is important that we do not just sit at home in our bubbles."

Operating for close to thirty years, Cornerstone provides supportive housing and acts as an emergency shelter for homeless women.

“Primarily, women come to us because they have no other alternatives,” Carol Sollows, manager of finance and administration at Cornerstone, says.

“We like to use our tagline ‘choose hope,’ Sollows says. “Knowing that people are supporting us, we will be able to help more homeless women in the Ottawa area. We appreciate their generosity and support.”

Bywords Warms the Night

Sun, Jan 27


The Manx Pub

370 Elgin St.

Jill Zmud, “East of the Line"

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