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Cage-free Davie Street Party a success, say attendees

Slideshow captures Vancouver's first fenceless block party for Pride

After years of community requests for a fence-free Davie Street block party to kick off Pride weekend in the Village, the Vancouver Pride Society (VPS) finally obliged.

“At this point we are only going to have fences at the ends of the block so it’s not going to be a giant cage on the street,” VPS executive director Ray Lam told Daily Xtra in June. “This year we get the model we have been going after for years.”

The new, cage-less model was widely hailed as a success by attendees on Friday, July 31.

Here’s a slideshow of the event by photographer Danny Gray Fox:

(Davie Street Party goers enjoy the rainbow crosswalk intersection — and impromptu dance floor — at Bute Street, in the heart of the Davie Village.)

(Kevin and Eiidhiro)

(Davie Street is transformed into a giant dance floor in front of the stage by Celebrities.)

(Jessica Towle and Katrina Meisters)

(Tom Catling, Adam Herbert and Kadee Burton)

(Anna T Fabulous, Dan Culic, Kodie Lotinil and Jason Fawens)


(Bonnie Takahashi and Hailey Blackburn)