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Cake, Bermuda and a third gender

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Baker wins US cake case

The US Supreme Court has ruled in favour of a baker who refused to bake a cake celebrating a gay wedding. The court ruled that the Colorado Civil Rights Commission showed hostility towards the baker’s religious beliefs. [CNN]

Bermuda ends equal marriage

With a new law, Bermuda has become one of the only jurisdictions to legalize and then reverse equal marriage for same-sex couples. [Royal Gazette]

Netherlands recognizes intersex citizen

A Dutch citizen has won the right to be legally recognized as neither male nor female in a court case. Leonne Zeegers was born intersex, and is campaigning the government to recognize a third gender. [The Guardian]

Thousands march for marriage in Northern Ireland

As legislation to legalize same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland remains stalled, thousands marched for equality in Belfast. [Irish Times]

Brazil Pride goes political

Amid economic and political turmoil in Brazil, it’s one of the world’s largest Pride parades focused on electing LGBT-friendly leaders. [Associated Press]