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Calgary speaks

Community criticizes vice squad

Credit: John Crossen

Whatever progress is being made in other areas, when it comes to policing our sexuality, police are still stuck 20 years in the past-in the era of the bathhouse raids.

-John Fisher, executive director of Egale, Canada’s national gay lobby group, responds to the Dec 12 raid of Goliath’s Sauna in Calgary.

The bottom line is, I don’t want the State or agents of the State, being in gay space.

-Stephen Lock, longtime activist and member of the liaison committee with the Calgary police.

This has set us back 50 years in police relations.

-Rick Kennedy, who left the Texas Lounge just 20 minutes before police arrived.

I’m finding it extremely difficult. It’s been pretty upsetting for the community and for me, too.

-Cst Doug Jones, police liaison with the gay community, is not happy with the actions of the vice squad.

It bumps us back to the ’70s. If Calgary police want another Stonewall on their hands, this was definitely a slam against the community. It’s very, very much a step backward.

-Keith Purdy, co-chair of Calgary Pride.

This is going to blow up in Calgary Police Service’s face so bad. I have no respect for CPS any more.

-Jason Ball, who was at the Texas Lounge bar, next door to Goliath’s, when the police came in and would not let bar patrons leave until they gave personal information.

They’ve (Calgary police) put on a facade, as far as I’m concerned. I find it appalling. This is like something out of the Victorian era.

-Lonnie Nomeland, manager of Goliath’s.