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Call for non-union actors…

Before we get to business, check out this video:

SnowCar.wmv (2.61 mb)

Do you remember that time you thought it was a good idea to pull your car through a snowdrift, Vancouver? Come on…

Alright the acting…does this look familiar?


It should. This is the company who brought you Gay Top Model (if you think you have the hots to become Vancouver's next Gay Top Model, you have until January 18th to enter yourself in the second season – click on the link). I'm good friends wit Terry Costa (Mirateca's Producer/Director/Artist+Event Manager) and he sent me the following talent call the other day and wanted to post it on here for anyone who may be looking for some interesting projects. Pass it along to your friends. I'm considering auditioning, so maybe I'll see you down there:

Ladies and gentlemen,
2009-2010 brings us a slew of new projects… some will survive, others
will stay in the closet, or more appropriately, the drawer. For those
that auditioned in 2008 specifically for the production of "Anthony
Burgess A Clockwork Orange" – that unfortunately was pulled by the
Anthony Burgess Estate due to a potential film – all you have to do is
send me a note of interest and I will pull your file out.

Those of you that I have yet to meet, or not seen in the last two
years, this is the time to book an audition and update your file with
the company.

AUDITIONS January 2009 – various dates and times – downtown Vancouver (825 Granville Street). YOU MUST BOOK AN AUDITION TIME.

Calling non-union performers of both sexes, aged 19 to 65+ for a general audition with Terry Costa & Mirateca Arts.
Prepare a 2-5 minute contemporary monologue. Most of your 15 minute
audition time will be taken by a chat/interview. Email resume to to book your audition time.

Good luck.