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Call or email your Senators on Trans Rights now

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URGENT: Call or email your senators today!

A template email is including below – click the link for addresses and phone numbers. C-389 moved quickly through first reading in the Senate – It is now scheduled for second reading. The speed at which this bill is moving is encouraging, but it still needs to pass through committee and second and third readings in the Senate before it becomes law. If this doesn’t happen before an election is called, the bill instantly dies. We must act NOW. Senate Email & Phone Numbers Click Here ~~~~~~~~ [Date] The Honourable [Insert Name Here], Senator The Senate of Canada Ottawa, ON K1A 0A4

Dear Senator [Surname],

I am writing to you in support of Bill C-389, An Act to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code (gender identity and gender expression). I would like to stress the importance of including “gender identity” and “gender expression” as prohibited grounds of discrimination in the Canadian Human Rights Act (CHRA), and as relevant factors in hate crimes sentencing under the Criminal Code.

This bill is an important step toward explicitly recognizing and affirming the equality-rights of trans Canadians. For too long, social and political invisibility have enabled discrimination, harassment and hate-motivated violence against the trans community to continue unnoticed and unchallenged. Bill C-389 is essential for ending this terrible trend.

When voting on C-389 in the Senate, I encourage you to strongly consider your responsibilities to the many trans communities in your own province and throughout the country.


[Your Name Here]

[Your Address Info Here]

Affiliation Province (Designation) Date of retirement Appointed on the advice of:
C Saskatchewan  (Saskatchewan) 2019-08-14 Mulroney (Prog. Conser.)
C Québec  (Alma) 2012-07-21 Mulroney (Prog. Conser.)
C Ontario  (Toronto) 2027-04-29 Harper (C)
Lib. NL/T.-N.-L  (Newfoundland and Labrador) 2017-09-04 Chrétien (Lib.)
Lib. Alberta  (Alberta) 2011-12-17 Chrétien (Lib.)
C Québec  (La Salle) 2024-02-12 Harper (C)
C Ontario  (Ontario) 2016-05-31 Harper (C)
C Québec  (Repentigny) 2049-11-11 Harper (C)
C Alberta  (Alberta) 2013-03-22 Harper (C)
Lib. P.E.I./I.-P.-É.  (Prince Edward Island) 2014-07-25 Chrétien (Lib.)
Lib. B.C./C.-B.  (British Columbia) 2023-02-28 Martin (Lib.)
C Québec  (Mille Isles) 2039-12-04 Harper (C)
Lib. Manitoba  (Manitoba) 2017-04-26 Chrétien (Lib.)
C Québec  (Grandville) 2014-07-17 Martin (Lib.)
Lib. Manitoba  (Manitoba) 2017-05-07 Chrétien (Lib.)
C NL/T.-N.-L  (Newfoundland and Labrador) 2012-09-23 Mulroney (Prog. Conser.)
C N.S./N.E.  (Nova Scotia) 2021-02-01 Mulroney (Prog. Conser.)
Ind. Ontario  (Toronto Centre-York) 2018-08-12 Trudeau (Lib.)
Lib. N.S./N.E.  (Nova Scotia) 2025-07-02 Chrétien (Lib.)
Lib. N.S./N.E.  (Nova Scotia) 2017-01-22 Martin (Lib.)
Lib. Québec  (Gulf) 2021-06-25 Martin (Lib.)
Lib. Québec  (Lauzon) 2024-09-28 Martin (Lib.)
Lib. N.B. /N.-B.  (Saint John-Kennebecasis) 2020-01-24 Chrétien (Lib.)
Lib. Québec  (De la Vallière) 2013-08-02 Trudeau (Lib.)
C Québec  (Rigaud) 2019-08-25 Harper (C)
C Ontario  (Ontario) 2013-01-24 Mulroney (Prog. Conser.)
C N.S./N.E.  (Halifax) 2012-07-04 Harper (C)
Lib. P.E.I./I.-P.-É.  (Charlottetown) 2029-07-08 Chrétien (Lib.)
C P.E.I./I.-P.-É.  (Cavendish) 2021-05-27 Harper (C)
Lib. Saskatchewan  (Saskatchewan) 2020-08-24 Martin (Lib.)
C Ontario  (Ontario) 2020-01-21 Harper (C)
Lib. Ontario  (Ontario) 2018-09-29 Martin (Lib.)
Lib. Alberta  (Lethbridge) 2014-11-06 Trudeau (Lib.)
C Ontario  (Ontario-South Coast) 2021-07-25 Harper (C)
C Québec  (Rougemont) 2015-06-30 Harper (C)
Lib. Québec  (Victoria) 2014-12-02 Martin (Lib.)
Lib. Québec  (De Lorimier) 2019-10-12 Chrétien (Lib.)
C Ontario  (Ontario) 2038-01-13 Harper (C)
Lib. NL/T.-N.-L  (Newfoundland and Labrador) 2023-05-12 Chrétien (Lib.)
C Ontario  (Ontario) 2016-02-10 Harper (C)
C N.S./N.E.  (Halifax – The Citadel) 2024-12-08 Harper (C)
Lib. Ontario  (Ontario) 2028-11-10 Chrétien (Lib.)
Lib. Québec  (Bedford) 2016-04-22 Chrétien (Lib.)
C Québec  (Wellington) 2043-01-10 Harper (C)
Lib. P.E.I./I.-P.-É.  (Prince Edward Island) 2017-09-08 Chrétien (Lib.)
Lib. B.C./C.-B.  (British Columbia) 2024-08-20 Chrétien (Lib.)
C Manitoba  (Manitoba) 2021-04-27 Mulroney (Prog. Conser.)
Lib. Québec  (Kennebec) 2020-02-01 Chrétien (Lib.)
Lib. Ontario  (Rideau) 2018-12-10 Trudeau (Lib.)
C N.B. /N.-B.  (Fredericton-York-Sunbury) 2014-11-28 Mulroney (Prog. Conser.)
C Ontario  (Ontario) 2011-09-21 Harper (C)
C Yukon  (Yukon) 2023-04-03 Harper (C)
Lib. Québec  (Montarville) 2020-11-16 Chrétien (Lib.)
C Ontario  (Ontario) 2015-07-04 Mulroney (Prog. Conser.)
Lib. N.B. /N.-B.  (Tracadie) 2012-06-18 Chrétien (Lib.)
Lib. N.B. /N.-B.  (New Brunswick) 2023-04-15 Martin (Lib.)
C N.S./N.E.  (Cape Breton) 2030-05-04 Harper (C)
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C B.C./C.-B.  (British Columbia) 2040-04-11 Harper (C)
Lib. Québec  (De Lanaudière) 2026-09-10 Chrétien (Lib.)
Prog. Conser. Alberta  (Alberta) 2021-03-07 Martin (Lib.)
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C N.S./N.E.  (South Shore) 2013-11-16 Mulroney (Prog. Conser.)
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Lib. Manitoba  (Manitoba) 2017-12-19 Martin (Lib.)

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