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FACT: If you live in Montreal you are probably an artist or a hipster from Victoria.If you're not, you prolly want to be one AMIRITE innernets!??!


My friend Melissa at Mooveget Translation shared with me some dates for upcoming grants. Isn't it time you just went for it? YAMAN, it sure is. Don't you want to be just like Madonna? Or maybe Mado is more your style? Or just another congo-line dancer / Oscar WIlde?
Emerging Artists Grants
(CALQ): September 10th
Development Grants
(CALQ): September 10th
Culture & Community Partnerships
(City of Montreal): September 13th
Emerging Arts & Culture
(MDEIE): September 15th
Touring Programs
(CAM): September 30th
Action & Development
(OFQJ): October 1st
Flying Squad
(CAC/Inter-arts): October 15th

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