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Calling in queer to work…and Abtastic Week 10/Vanity Affair

If you're not feeling like working Monday, try this one out:

My regular Abtastic photographer is away from the apartment this week (bitch!) so I had to enlist the help of my ex to get the weekly updates. I believe he agreed to help me out just so he could mock me for the five minutes that we took photos.

He suggested I rename my blog Vanity Affair: A Love Story between Me and Me…well okay, maybe I embellished on that a little, but hey, it captures the sentiment. For the record, he still took photos of me with no shirt on, so really he's aiding and abetting…what does he know anyway?

He knows me, apparently…and he knows how to take a good ab picture, that's for sure. I've been sick this week and had to cut some days at the gym. Word to this wise: even if an exercise plan tells you to work out 6 days a week, give your body a break and only do five.

Here's yer update:

And this is a tribute to Margaret Cho's "Crouching Faggot Hidden Drag Queen"