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Calling in the Mounties

Another day, another ethics scandal from the Conservative government – or rather, an old one blowing up in a whole new way. Remember that staffer who got caught interfering in access-to-information requests? Seems that file is heading over to the RCMP. Don't worry, though: acting on advice from the information commissioner, Rona Ambrose recommended it be sent over to the Mounties. This clearly shows the government is using High Ethical Standards™.

You know things are bad when the muzzles come off and one of your former MPs calls your practices fundamentally anti-democratic. Such is the case of Inky Mark, the former Manitoba Conservative MP who resigned his seat last year to run (unsuccessfully) as the mayor of Dauphin. He’s now calling out his former colleagues for their behaviour in nomination races, a complaint we’re hearing more of.

Oh, look – the Conservatives have spent $1.2 billion since they came to power in 2006 on setting up a “shadow public service” – contractors and consultants who bypass the usual hiring process with no transparency. Because that’s demonstrating High Ethical Standards™!

It appears the long-form census for 2011 has reached the point of no return when it comes to changing the “household survey” into an actual census; it would be logistically impossible even if Carolyn Bennett’s census bill passed. And there goes necessary data for present and future generations.

In Maclean’s Paul Wells takes a look at Michael Ignatieff and his poor performance in the polls. My only real critique of the article is that it fails to mention that opposition leaders do poorly in these “leadership polls." Remember Harper’s old numbers? Or Chrétien’s, for that matter?

In Quebec City, Ignatieff hinted he may be open to some kind of funding for the proposed arena even though he has yet to see a business plan.

And Maclean’s satirist Scott Feschuk deduces that Stephen Harper is really a seven-year-old boy.

Up today – expect some 40 “Knowledge Infrastructure Program” announcements from the government, courtesy of its “event-in-a-box” templates. But hey, they’re totally not doing this in preparation for an election!
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