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Calling out the true believers

At a press conference yesterday morning, Liberal foreign affairs critic Bob Rae called out all those barely post-pubescent true believers who work in the PMO as “jihadis.” He said that one of the major problems with our foreign policy is that ambassadors and diplomatic staff are gagged; they can’t issue statements without going through the PMO. A huge problem develops when most of those staffers can't find the countries in question on a map, haven't actually visited those places and don't understand the local issues. Ensuring that things are ideologically correct doesn’t actually help Canada’s relations abroad – in fact, it tends to make them worse. Predictably, everyone got into a tizzy about how he used the term “jihadis” rather than focus on the message he articulated. We all have priorities.

Oh, the other reason for Rae’s press conference? He said that the opposition is going to keep the heat on Oda; he used the analogy of keeping the government  “in the dentist’s chair” and threatened a root canal. That does sound vaguely threatening.

What’s that? Vic Toews baldly misrepresenting Liberal MPs’ concerns on the need for new prison facilities in Newfoundland and Labrador? You don’t say!

Here’s a look at those “important announcements” the government made yesterday across the country; Kady O’Malley adds some sparkling snark to them.

Former ambassador Michael Wilson is raising concerns about that perimeter security agreement.

Four Conservative operatives – including two senators – have been charged for allegedly violating campaign spending rules in the 2006 election. In case you were wondering, here’s a look at their talking points in response.
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