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Calvin Klein, Nancy Reagan and an ambassador’s husband

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Hillary Clinton steps in Nancy Reagan hornets nest

Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has drawn fire from the American gay community for suggesting in an MSNBC interview that late first lady Nancy Reagan should be praised for her work on HIV/AIDS. Gay leaders were quick to point out that the Reagans were silent on the epidemic for years, and may have caused the deaths of thousands of gay people through their inaction. Clinton later apologized.

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Australian marriage plebiscite could cost half a billion

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s proposed plebiscite on equal marriage could cost the country nearly half a billion dollars, according to an Australian accounting firm. Turnbull says the vote will be a practice in national consensus building, but critics say the matter should simply be settled in parliament.

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Dominican churches fight gay US ambassador

Evangelical leaders in the Dominican Republic have started a petition to remove gay US Ambassador James Brewster from their country. They say his presence, and visits to local schools with his husband, is an affront to Dominican values.

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Calvin Klein accused of gay propaganda in Russian

Complaints have been filed in Russia against fashion company Calvin Klein for breaking the country’s infamous “gay propaganda” law. The offending material is a perfume ad that offended Russians saw on YouTube, featuring two gay couples.

Indian parliament upholds criminality of homosexuality

For the second time in three months, Indian parliament has voted not to decriminalize gay sex. The attempt at decriminalization was proposed as a private member’s bill by Congress party MP Shashi Tharoor.

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