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Cameroon: Anti-gay rally targets bars and schools

Participants call for stricter enforcement of laws criminalizing homosexuality

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More than 100 people participated in a rally targeting schools and gay-friendly bars where anti-gay messages were posted, Pink News reports.

Protesters placed signs that read “Homosexuals forbidden” and “No gays in Cameroon” on buildings and distributed T-shirts and pamphlets with anti-gay slogans, the report noted.

“A society without morals and ethics is a lost society. What’s accepted in the West is not necessarily good for everyone,” one leaflet obtained by the Associated Press reads. “Homosexuality is a crime against humanity and a serious violation of human rights.”

Same-sex sexual relations carry a penalty of up to five years in prison in Cameroon.

A human-rights lawyer who represents people prosecuted for homosexuality in Cameroon says that in the aftermath of a prominent activist’s murder in July, life has become more difficult for gay people.

Alice Nkom, who is critical of the way authorities are handling the case of Eric Lembembe, who was found tortured and killed at his home, says young men are receiving death threats on their mobile phones and feel forced to go into hiding, a Gay Star News report says.