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Can this new iPhone app revive the gay hanky code?

Creators of the new Hanky Codes iPhone app hope it will revive in-person cruising for younger gays who are used to hooking up via the ‘net.

(For the uninitiated, a mustard yellow hanky worn on the right means you’re looking for an 8"+ cock. Choose a slightly brighter shade of yellow and you’re a piss piggy. The difference is subtle!)

The app allows a user to choose a digital hanky from a list sorted alphabetically by colour. You can choose whether to wear it on the left or right, and a small text description appears on the screen. Pink fuschia worn on right? You’re looking to get spanked. Brown worn on left? You’re a scat top.

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can also shake the iPhone to choose a hanky colour at random. There’s also a brief text history of the hanky code.

The fact that Apple approved the app for sale is impressive in itself. Apple has been notoriously strict about sexual or gay-themed apps. Grindr, a popular gay cruising app, enforces a no-nudity policy (Apple does not approve apps that contain nudity).

Butt Magazine spoke with Jonathan Leach, one of the creators of the app, about its possible uses:

"Suppose you were at a bar and you saw someone with a real hanky in their back pocket, you could just pull up the app real quick, click on the colour and it would give you the meaning. The app also will light up your screen with a picture of whatever hanky you are so the iPhone actually becomes the hanky. If you’re at a coffee shop or a restaurant somewhere and you’re working on your computer, you can have your iPhone to the left or to the right of your computer or your coffee and guys walk by and notice it and they’re like ‘hmm.’"

Check it out in the app store or at Have you downloaded the Hanky Codes app? What do you think?

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