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Canada’s gay sketch-comedy darlings return

Expect Mayor Rob Ford at the Queer Comedy Collective's new show

With all the various comedy troupes yukking it up in town, it’s a little surprising that a prominent all-gay company hasn’t shown up for its slice of the pie. Well, break out the ice cream, folks, because the Queer Comedy Collective is set to share its wares at this year’s Pride.
It was the B-Girlz’ Mark Peacock’s idea to sally forth, says co-founder Susan Fischer. “Last year, Mark went to see a show at the Second City Theatre, thought it was funny and then thought, Why isn’t there one for queers?”
The two brainstormed over dinner, coming up with a plan to create a scripted troupe in the vein of Canadian groups like CODCO or Kids in the Hall. “It came at a time when we were both wondering what we were going to do next creatively,” says Fischer. “It’s one of those ideas that is so simple you wonder why nobody had thought of it before.”
Peacock brought in B-Girlz compatriot Michael Boyuk, and the three began to audition members, keeping an emphasis on gender equality and general hilarity. “We have three men and three women,” Fischer says, “and we’ve been getting together on a weekly basis to write scripts. Everyone’s a very good writer and really very funny… which, you know, is sorta key for comedy.”
Now, after months of preparation, Andrya Duff, Lindy Zucker, Darryl Dinn and Robert Keller are itching to premiere their act alongside Peacock and Fischer. 
Fans of Fischer’s screamingly funny alter ego, Evelyn Reese, will be happy to know that brassy Evelyn will make a cameo appearance on the big night, but most of the group’s material will be brand new.
There’ll be Keller, doing a slightly twisted impersonation of Canadian songbird Céline Dion; Reese in drag, as a gay cleaning man; and Din, offering opening remarks in the guise of Mayor Rob Ford. Zucker will play it straight as a heterosexual Pride parade commentator, while Maritimers Dinn and Duff spoof one of television’s most annoying shows, in The Newfie Shore. “It’s like a trashy reality show, but it quickly flows into a big send-up of the rambling Newfie conversations that Darryl and Andrew grew up listening to.”
The Queer Comedy Collective plays Wed, June 22 to Fri, June 24 at Bread and Circus, 299 Augusta Ave. Visit for more details.