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Canadian bacon

Political pundits are speculating wildly at newly minted Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff's demand that the party have a platform in place by June.  Is he calling an election??? 


Don't these people know that the last Sunday in June is Pride Day?  Why would Ignatieff want to work on an election campaign when there are giant street parties to go to?  His only decision should be mimosa over sangria and his only platforms should be his shoes!

The provoince of Quebec is going to spend half a million dollars to improve the lives of gay seniors. I wonder how…

Strip bingo?  Pleated leather pants?  "Matlock" on Blu-ray? Paying me to stop making such cheap and obvious jokes?  Now you're talking…

The government of China has had a health freak-out, believing you can contract flu from meat, and they've banned exports of Alberta pork. Gerald Hauer, chief provincial veterinarian for Alberta Agriculture,
says, "We
would hope the science wins out over the emotion." 

Spoken like a man who's never had to listen to anti-gay bigots — welcome to my world, Gerald!

Fortunately, one of America's premier online magazines The Huffington Post has scooped up Canada's own Michael Rowe as an esteemed columnist and today, he's delivered the final word on homophobe pin-up girl Carrie Prejean: "There is no shortage of bigots. They just usually don't wear tiaras."