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Canadian Conservatives, Jerusalem and an ejected lesbian

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The mystery of the ejected lesbian

A video is making social media rounds, apparently showing a lesbian being kicked out of a bathroom by police who refuse to believe she is a woman. While many have associated the video with anti-trans laws in North Carolina and Mississippi, there is of yet no evidence where the video was shot, when, or if it is authentic.

Canadian Conservative Party’s coming battle over gay rights

At next month’s convention of the Canadian Conservative Party, social conservatives are expected to battle it out with members of LGBTory for the future direction of the party. Some say the party can’t abandon its conservative base, while others say it’s time to catch up with the country on same-sex marriage.

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Anti-LGBT activists to fight the UN

Anti-LGBT activists have set up a coalition to fight against United Nations support for gay rights. The “Civil Society for the Family” has written a platform of values for other organizations to sign onto, with the goal of uniting forces opposed to equal rights for gay people.

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Jerusalem’s last gay bar

As Jerusalem’s gay community struggles with homophobia and violence, Video is the last gay bar still open. Patrons say, though, that it’s one of the only places in the divided city where everyone gets along.

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What the Bangladesh killings tell us about the world

Bangladesh, where two gay rights leaders were murdered by terrorists last week, may be a bad place for LGBT people, but it’s not the only one. The Washington Post editorial board says the killings should be a wakeup call to the millions of gay people worldwide who live under the constant threat of violence.