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Canadian varsity athletes come out against homophobia

For all the progress we’ve made, the locker room is still a predominantly straight environment and not really the most accepting place when it comes to LGBT kids looking to play. Let’s face it: when the International Olympic Committee looks at a country like Russia and basically says, “Sweeping, insititutionalized homophobia? Sure, we don’t have a problem with that!” it kind of sets a dangerous precedent.

Although the IOC may be a bunch of spineless jag-offs, individual athletes and allies within the realm of varsity sports have stepped in to pick up the slack. In a new video from Get Real, queer-friendly athletes talk about how they want to make the locker room a judgment-free zone when it comes to out kids.

It seems like a small contribution, yes, but people underestimate just how much their words can affect others, both positively and negatively. You have the opportunity to stand up and make your own contribution to making your little patch of life a more tolerant place? Go for it.