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Candy for sex workers!

Every year at Halloween, my partner asks me, “Do you want me to pick up candy for trick-or-treaters?"

The answer is always no, because I don’t want all that candy in the house. Chances are you may be sitting at your desk right now, munching on leftover candy, gum, chips and all sorts of sweet and salty snacks. “Get them out of my house before I eat them all,” you may be saying.

Well, now you can, and do something good with it.

You can give it to sex workers.

Every week, staff from Stepping Stone, a sex-workers’ outreach organization, go out into the streets, where they deliver what are euphemistically called “goodie bags.” Condoms, lube and a snack in brown paper bags. Well Stepping Stone wants your snacks, so they can go in the goodie bags too.

For the next week or so, Stepping Stone will be accepting donations of candy to distribute through their street outreach program. To find out how, email Stepping Stone’s executive director, Rene Ross, at rene@stepping-stone.org. She or a staff member will set up a time and place for you to drop off your goodies.

Begone from my cupboards and my belly, you delicious candy!

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