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Capital Pride adds new board members

Festival's debt down to $34,030

The Capital Pride board has added three new members to fill vacant positions left by Chris Ellis and Steve Crosby, who resigned in February, and Elliott Youden, who resigned in April.
The new board members are Gordon Boissonneault, Giselle Gardipy and Marisa Borracci.

Justin Broekema, Capital Pride’s director of communications, says current board members and community members nominated the three new additions to the board.

Boissonneault will serve as vice-chair of operations. He served as chair in 2007.
“They each have very different skill sets. We’re very excited to work with them. Gordon was a previous chair and vice-chair, so he has a lot of leadership experience with the organization, and we’re looking forward to see what he will be doing as vice-chair of operations,” Broekema says.
Gardipy, who will serve as treasurer, identifies as two-spirited.
“She’s a member of the First Nation and is very experienced in her role as treasurer. She works with many native organizations here in Ottawa, and we’re looking forward to her leadership on the financial end of things,” Broekema says.
Borracci will fill the position of financial coordinator.
Youden says that his exit from Capital Pride is not controversial and that he moved back to his native Newfoundland for health reasons.
“The committee has done more work this year than in the last five,” Youden said in a written statement. “They held public consultations, updated the bylaws even though there was no quorum, finalised debt reduction plans and made a settlement with Fleet [Pro Sound and Lighting] to write off that debt for 10 [thousand dollars] . . . and held a very successful national conference. They are very much on the right track. I have nothing bad to say.”
The original debt to Fleet Pro Sound and Lighting was $14,318.90. Owner Mike Feagan confirms the debt is settled.
“We came to a mutually acceptable settlement, but in no way was it paid in full,” Feagan says. “We’re hoping to continue a working relationship with the Pride committee into the future.”

Capital Pride’s debt now totals $34,030, with $20,030 owed to the city and $14,000 to a private debtor.