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Capital Pride community photo album

Capital Pride wrapped up Aug 25. Xtra captured lots of snapshots at various events over the course of the week. 

National Capital Leather Pride’s Mr Rubber judges Keven Allen, VP of Toronto Rubbermen Network Gummi Elliott, and Ego Assassin owners James and Slinka Hagarty.

Zelda Marshall and Mr Rubber competitor Allegra.

Morris Rothman and Doug Saunders-Riggins.

Ottawa Police Service LGBT liaison committee’s Joan McKenna and Denis Schryburt on flag-raising day, Aug 19.

Ms and Mr Capital Pride, Koko Domenique Shennel and Jasper Cox.

Artist Andrew Stelmac, After Stonewall owner Michael Deyell and Sugarbush Vineyards owner Rob Peck at After Stonewall, Aug 21.

Wilde’s owner Rob Giacobbi at Wilde’s 20th anniversary party. 

Ian McLeod, Hannah Watt, Sebastien Provost, Chris Ellis, Gary Leger and Randy Fraser at Wilde’s 20th anniversary. 

Members of the Ottawa Wolves rugby team staged a bake sale before Village movie night. 

The cast, crew and writer of TotoToo’s Confessions of a Mad Drag Queen Aug 23. 

A member of the fetish community poses on the Capital Pride festival grounds. 

Community marshal Michael Tattersall. 

Brad Murphy channels Jesus on the festival grounds. 

Robyn and Pierre Girard tongue NCLP title holder Henry Maxwell.

Alyna Moore performs on the indoor stage at the Capital Pride festival grounds.