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Capital Pride human rights vigil

Join Ottawa Centre MPP Yasir Naqvi tonight at the Canadian Tribute to Human Rights as he pays homage to Toby's Act.

Bill 33, which guarantees the right to be free from discrimination and harrassment because of gender identity and gender expression, was officially passed in June of this year. 

Prolific Ottawa activist Zelda Marshall will be joined by Amanda Ryan of Gender Mosaic and Capital Pride board director Joanne Law to read from Toby's Act, discuss the progress being made in the fight for Bill C-279 and contemplate what this landmark legislation means for trans Canadians.

The vigil will be hosted by Capital Pride chair Loresa Novy and Capital Pride secretary Melissa Girard.

Capital Pride Human Rights Vigil

Thursday, Aug 23, 8pm

Canadain Tribute to Human Rights 

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