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Capital Pride Youth attend drag university

Capital Kings mentor gender-bending teens

The Capital Kings will mentor up-and-coming drag performers at the Capital Pride Youth Mixed Drag event. Credit: Facebook
For teens embarking on a gender-bending journey into the world of drag, there are few resources at their disposal.
But drag king troupe the Capital Kings will extend a hand to the kids of Capital Pride Youth Saturday, March 2 at the Mixed Drag event.
Crystal Balser, also known as the raunchy and ridiculous Frank N Beans, says the Kings noticed a lack of programming directed at Ottawa’s queer teens at last year’s Pride.
“We wanted to throw an event for the kids to make sure they had something extra,” Balser explains.
Under the direction of Jodie McNamara, Capital Pride’s treasurer and the organization’s youth coordinator, the Mixed Drag party will feature performances by the Capital Kings and a question-and-answer panel.
“Then we’re going to take a dance-party break, where we give a brief mentor to the kids, assist with clothing and makeup for the ones that are interested in doing drag,” Balser says. “Then they get to perform.”
Additionally, youth attending the party can send candy grams to one another and sip colourful mocktails.
“One of the reasons I wanted to do this is to show the kids that there is life after high school and they can accomplish anything they put their minds to,” Balser says.
The event is open to all youth 19 and under.