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Cara Delevingne confirmed her relationship with Ashley Benson, because Stonewall

A historical moment in time, marked by lesbianism

After Taylor Swift demanded that The Gays™️ calm down, her squad member Cara Delevinge decided to shake us all in the name of lesbianism and Stonewall.

Over the weekend, Delevingne posted a video of her smooching with actor and longtime rumoured girlfriend Ashley Benson, making their relationship Instagram- and real-life official. “#PRIDE,” she wrote in the caption, in case you forgot what month it is.

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#PRIDE 🌈❤️😍🌈❤️😍 @ashleybenson

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When asked by E! why the model decided it was the right time to come out about the relationship, Delevingne deferred to history: “I don’t know,” she said, “because it is Pride, it’s been 50 years since Stonewall happened, and I don’t know.”

And at TrevorLIVE, the bi-annual gala celebrating the work of the Trevor Project, a LGBTQ2 youth suicide-prevention organization Delevingne made reference to Benson in a speech, calling her “Sprinkles.” How gay.

The confirmation is a surprise to basically no one. Last month, the pair were pictured carrying a $400 sex bench into their home, which broke the internet and is arguably the gayest thing to happen this year.

But despite her own coming out being NBD, Delevingne is indeed part of a v important history. In an interview with Variety this week, Delevingne said Taylor Swift told her she was one of the people that helped Swift get woke. Or as Delevingne recounts, “We were talking today and [Swift] was like ‘You were one of the people that helped me get to this place.” This place, btw, means releasing “You Need To Calm Down,” a song that, Slate reporter Christina Cauterucci calls, “a cringeworthy attempt to write another ‘Born This Way.’”👀🍵

Here’s to honouring our history with queer ladies and their sex benches.