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Carole Pope in her own words

'Fuck you if you don't get me'

RANDOM FANDOM. The original anti-diva dishes on superpowers, Patti Smithand bitch slapping Kanye West. Credit: Paula Wilson

Buddies in Bad Times gets ready to rock Fri, Nov 27 with a fundraiser for the popular queer theatre featuring the original anti-diva Carole Pope and alt-songbird Lily Frost.

Pope has had a remarkable career as a solo artist and a member of Rough Trade, winning Junos and Genies, writing a best-selling autobiography and recently appearing in the vampire film Suck. The Canadian rock legend will use the Buddies gig to debut her new song “God = Love.” It’s an unequivocal stand on equal rights with condemning lyrics like, “I’m so tired of this hypocrisy/ Don’t you dare call this democracy.”

We love Pope and she’s been featured in the pages of Xtra numerous times. Because we can never have enough of a good thing, this time out Pope kindly answered some totally random and at times ridiculous questions in order for us to learn a little more about the legend that is Carole Pope.

Xtra: What is your favourite thing about live theatre?

Carole Pope: The immediacy of it.

Xtra: What was the last great stage production you saw?

Pope: Anne Hathaway in Twelfth Night because she was dressed as a soldier. And Spring Awakening, it had it all: straight sex, gay sex, rape, a little incest and great songs.

Xtra: When are you happiest?

Pope: Performing and/or making love — the two things are interchangeable at times.

Xtra: If you could have any super power, what would it be?

Pope: Flight.

Xtra: What was the last good film you saw?

Pope: A Single Man.

Xtra: What would you like to know about the future?

Pope: What year New York’s going to be completely submerged underwater

Xtra: If Beyoncé thinks a diva is the female version of a hustler, then an anti-diva is…?

Pope: Patti Smith, Marianne Faithful and me.

Xtra: What is your life motto?

Pope: Fuck you if you don’t get me.

Xtra: What are three things you can’t live without?

Pope: Love, art and women.

Xtra: If Kanye interrupted you onstage, what would you do?

Pope: I would bitch slap him hard and tell him to take some time off to grieve for his mother.

Xtra: Where is your favourite place to be?

Pope: Europe.

Xtra: Who is the coolest person you know and why?

Pope: Björk but I don’t know her… so Michael Schmidt because he’s charming, talented and kind.

Xtra: Vampires, pirates or werewolves and why?

Pope: Vampires are sexy. I’m a big fan of True Blood especially the fang bangers.

Xtra: If you could write a how-to book, what would the subject of your book be?

Pope: How to survive in this unconscious unevolved society.

Xtra: Who would play you in a biopic and why?

Pope: Uma Thurman or Eva Green from Casino Royale. Just so I could watch her.

Xtra: What is your fondest memory so far?

Pope: Letting myself be completely open with someone.

Xtra: Why is independent community theatre important to you?

Pope: Artists are not afraid to take chances and put themselves out there without restrictions.

Xtra: Why should people come out to the Buddies In Bad Times fundraiser on Nov 27?

Pope: Because we’ve all had sex in the bathroom at Buddies and the show will be great.