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Carole Pope on women, sex and her new CD

Lucas Silveira gets the scoop

Carole Pope.

In the video interview below, Carole Pope, a legend in the Canadian music scene, talks with Lucas Silveira of The Cliks about her new album, Landfall, sexy women and her song “High School Confidential,” which launched Pope into stardom.

“I just threw it out there, and a lot of straight people didn’t get it,” Pope says. “They were just, ‘I like that song.’”

Pope’s latest CD includes a duet with Rufus Wainwright on the title track.

To find out more about Landfall, click here. Pope is playing Toronto’s Bovine Sex Club on March 10 and 11. Special thanks to the Flying Beaver Pubaret for allowing Xtra to shoot performance footage for the video piece below.