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Cassidy Lynn Campbell breaks down over anti-trans comments

Yesterday, teenager Cassidy Lynn Campbell made headlines after she was elected homecoming queen at Marina High School. The school’s principal even lauded Campbell as an example of “equity, acceptance, tolerance and respect."

Unfortunately, as is often the case when people put themselves out there to help others, Campbell also received her fair share of derision, too. In a YouTube video posted shortly after her win, Campbell broke down in tears, talking about how the weight of the comments have gotten to her.

I feel for her, I really do. It’s hard putting yourself out there, and it sucks that a disproportionate amount of feedback nowadays comes from people who are literally only trying to hurt you. It’s especially hard when you’re still a kid — a remarkably mature kid, but still just a kid. Simply put, it sucks being in the line of fire.

But here’s the thing: whether you asked for it specifically, you’ve been given a voice. You’re in a position where you can be the inspiration for a lot of people, and you also happen to be in a position where tons of people love you and have your back 100 percent.

You’re absolutely right: you should be happy. And it does suck how you’re being treated. But you know what? You’ll get up, brush yourself off, and you’ll keep going. It’s hard, but you’ll do it.