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Castro’s legacy, Indian pride, and the beauty of positivity

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The beauty of positivity

French HIV/AIDS organization AIDES has launched a visually stunning new ad campaign to educate people about how HIV positive people under treatment are unlikely to spread the virus. You can see the rest of the posters at Positive Lite.


Indian LGBT people march under right-wing shadow

Hundreds of Indian activists took to the streets in New Delhi on Sunday for an annual pride parade. Many were pessimistic, however, about the chances of the country’s conservative government forwarding LGBT rights.

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The reimagining of Castro’s LGBT legacy

As the world figures out how to talk about the controversial legacy of the late Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, his LGBT legacy is in contest. On one hand, Castro had a dismal record of persecuting and jailing gay people. On the other, his niece Mariela Castro — the subject of a new documentary — is trying to rescue the Castro legacy and reinvent Cuba as a pro-gay state.

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Indonesia arrests 13 for gay sex, despite lack of evidence or crime

At the behest of a mob of Islamic hardliners, police in Jakarta have arrested 13 men for holding an alleged gay sex party. The police found no evidence of such a party before arresting the men, and gay sex between adults is not even a crime in Indonesia.

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Trump advisor reportedly outed brother dying of AIDS

One of US President-elect Donald Trump’s newest staffing picks is KT McFarland, tapped as national security advisor, who reportedly could not stand her brother being gay, and outed him to their parents as he was dying of AIDS.

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