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Casual Friday

Late post today — I've been fighting other deadlines and now the long weekend begins(!!!) so here's some random silliness I hope you enjoy as much as I did:

Talk about 'American Idol' all you want but I'm all about 'Britain's Got Talent.'  Who else has the Dreambears?

But DON'T talk about Wednesday's 'Lost' season finale — I haven't been able to watch it yet!  What I did watch was star Matthew Fox get into a fight with Ben Affleck's ex, Jimmy Kimmel:

This week's craziest news item?  I'm gonna go with Peru deciding that its police force is immoral and therefore trying to improve its image by banning adulters, protesters, unionists and gays. Yeah, good luck with that.

Speaking of "Onward, Christian soldiers," that's the song sung when a "mostly straight" People magazine Sexiest Man Alive 2003 visited the bondage den!  I deplore such gossip but I'm still going to guess Seann William Scott, just because I like the idea…

Aside from that, what better way to kick off the weekend than the new Pet Shop Boys video? Neil and Chris are lionized in the new Out magazine and here they are, evidently costarring with Elton John's sunglasses: