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Catholic school, up your bum, can’t have too much Gaga

I came across this piece on Towleroad that includes video of a lesson on homosexuality from an Indiana Catholic School:

Brr. If you listen carefully you can actually hear my skin crawl… Check out more video installments on the Towleroad link above.

The sum total of classroom time devoted to homosexuality I experienced as a student at an Ontario public school in the 1980s was precisely 20 seconds. My Grade 10 gym teacher – with beads of sweat on his upper lip and a nervous tremor in his voice – told us during our human sexuality unit that some of us boys might masturbate to climax eventually, and that some of us might even feel a little attracted to other boys. "But don't worry," he said. "You'll grow out of both quickly." By then I was already climaxing all over the place and thinking about boys every second I wasn't thinking about food. I never really did grow out of either. Outside of class, homosexuality seemed just about all everyone talked about… "faggot" this and "homo" that. 

Anyway, check out Xtra's current work on GSAs in Ontario's Catholic schools. 

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Speaking of homosexuality, check out this little essay from salon.com about straight men fingering the erotic pleasures of their own back passages. I’m not sure I believe that anal sex is more fashionable than it used to be, but there’s something lovely about the idea of straight guys figuring out how to play with their bums because all the cool kids are doing it.

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Lady Gaga has released a nifty countrified/easy-listening version of "Born This Way."

And a cutie dyke uses another Gaga tune to win the Danish edition of X Factor

And from now on every time I write about Lady Gaga I think I’ll include mention of her appearance in Xtra's Toronto sister, fab magazine, just before she got too big for us.

A week after that vid and the below fab cover image was shot, Gaga performed in New York's Times Square on New Year's Eve and that was it. I like to think fab pushed her over the top 😉 Perhaps you'll chat with us again one day, m'lady.

* * *

Kd lang is going to tour in the land of Aus. And she’s got a few Canadian dates this summer for Winnipeg, Kelowna and Burnaby.

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