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Catholics, Antarctica and civil rights

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Poland’s gay political star

Robert Biedron is an atheist gay man in a conservative Catholic country. But now he’s mayor of a major city and one of the country’s political rising stars. [BBC]

US sees wave of LGBT civil rights legislation

As a key court case on whether an American bakery can refuse to serve gay clientele reaches its conclusion, a wave of other LGBT civil rights cases are making their way through the courts. [Associated Press]

Antarctic Pride

At an isolated station in Antarctica, a group of researchers took the opportunity of meagre sunlight to take a photo with a rainbow flag — celebrating the continent’s first Pride. [New Now Next]

Report: 16 percent of young Massachusetts youth LGBT

According to a study by two Boston research institutes, young people in Massachusetts are much more likely than their elders to identify as LGBT, 16 percent between the ages of 18 and 24. [Boston Globe]

Cuban gay activist flees to Netherlands

A Cuban gay activist and his family have sought refuge in Europe after being harassed by authorities, while his boyfriend remains behind in Cuba. [Washington Blade]