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Cattle beware

Leather 4 Gay offers all sorts of goodies to fulfill kink and fetish needs

"Leather shorts with beautiful cut on back" from Leather 4 Gay. Credit: Leather 4 Gay

Tired of ill-fitting chaps? Bored of bland collars? Sick of saggy jockstraps? Then you haven’t heard of Leather 4 Gay. This online retailer, an exclusively gay branch (in case you couldn’t tell by the name) of the respected brand Bespoke Tailored Leather, offers all sorts of goodies to fulfill your kink and fetish needs.

A walk down the virtual Leather for Him aisle finds nine categories, ranging from vests and shorts to harnesses and gladiator wear. The Leather for Her aisle is less risqué but is an equally good source for shorts and jackets. The site also offers an array of leather accessories and specialty items.

Let’s be honest. This ain’t Danier. While the company is known for its craftsmanship, it’s the array of products and their amazing capacity for customization that is earning Leather 4 Gay its reputation. After picking out that special thong, vest or harness, you get the opportunity to customize the size, fit and colour. Next, you send off your request and wait while your piece is custom-made to order. Leather 4 Gay will even accept leather swatches so you can try to match colour requests that don’t appear on their site.

In an effort to keep up with the fickle beast that is the fetish community, Leather 4 Gay is always offering new inventory. Most recently, they’ve added such saucy items as a new leather string thong and a bevy of brand-new jockstraps. The staggering part is the intricacy and thoughtfulness of the features that accompany each item. Love those chaps but wish you had somewhere to put your Chapstick? Opt for the pair with cargo pockets! Wish your leather shorts had an easy-access slit up the back? This is the spot for you! You can even find jockstraps with a removable pouch, which seemingly leaves you with a belt, but you can never have too many of those.

Use the promo code L4G2014US before Saturday, Feb 28, 2014, and get 10 percent off any purchase over $150 (before taxes and shipping).