Toronto Diary
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#CBCporntitles is a thing now. Thanks, internet!

Coming off the heels of certain inaccurate allegations that CBC airs porn (which, as a porn writer, I find deeply offensive. We're not that boring!), Twitter took it upon itself to satirize the institutionalized derp-iness of Sun Media by creating the hashtag #CBCPornTitles.

CBC took it with grace and humour, tweeting, "Of course, the day we hit 30,000 followers, #CBCporntitles is trending across Canada. This is…… something. – Scott" and then saying that there were "many golden ones."

I went ahead and compiled five of the best I could find, and then added a few of my own at the end. And of course, you can always hop on Twitter to find the many porn parodies of quality Canadian programming.

@LeoMcKayJr: The Filth Estate

@GnarlyWarriors: The Hour, with George Stromboner

@sladner: On the Bone Again

@IrishJake15: Mr Cross-Dressup

@RJSeven40: Don Popping the Cherry

And adding a few of my own . . . 

The Men in the Hall

Royal Canadian Ass Farce

Mary Walsh: Open Pussy

Kenny Fucking Spenny

This Hour Has 22 Inches

The Rick Mercer Rimjob

Drag Queen's Den