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Celebrities Nightclub to close for renovations in the new year

Vancouver's number-one dance club, Celebrities, is closing for renovations. The club will be open until Tuesday night Jan 1, then will close for an unspecified amount of time, starting Jan 2. Celebrities needs a face-lift! She is a star, after all.

I talked to club manager James Steck, and here's what he had to say:

We’re open for our Tuesday night, Jan 1, then we close on the 2nd, probably for a month and a half. Celebrities is looking tired! We’re going to have an entirely new club. 

When we reopen, every part of the club will be touched. Expect a brand new Celebrities Nightclub. Keep up to date on Twitter @celebrities_van #celebrtitiesrenovation. 

Our Tuesday night is moving to Venue. Bingo, I’m not sure what Joan-E has decided, but I’ve told her she’s welcome to come back when we reopen. I hope she’ll continue doing Bingo. I know it’s been very successful for her here. I think she’s staying somewhere in the Village, but I’m not sure where she has planned.

Thursday night is going to take a hiatus for now, but I will be launching another RuPaul’s Drag Race competition again, after the success of last year, which we’re going to do at Shine Nightclub on Thursday nights!

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