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Centre rebrands itself

The Centre will soon have a new name and logo.

“At some point in any organization comes a time to look at how you bill yourself externally,” says interim executive director Jennifer Breakspear. “You do all the work inside on the programs and services, keeping yourself relevant but without changing the outward face — you run the risk of getting stale or people not paying attention.”

The Centre has retained the ad firm Rethink Communications to work on the rebranding on a pro bono basis, says Breakspear, who anticipates a final unveiling of the organization’s new look by May or June.

“It seems a logical time as we’re moving through the process of acquiring new space,” says Breakspear, when asked about the timing of the rebranding efforts. “It’s been a time of change, we’re continuing to grow, to serve as many members and aspects of our community as possible. The rebranding is something that is meant to be an external demonstration of the work we’re doing internally.”

Asked if the rebranding is more cosmetic than substantive, Breakspear says The Centre is always assessing its programs and services, as well as feedback from the community about its offerings.

“This process of looking at rebranding has caused us to more clearly look internally at what we’re offering to make sure it’s in line with our vision, to make sure it’s in line with the needs of the members of the community. It isn’t mere marketing,” she says.

“It’s a communications message,” board co-chair Craig Maynard told Xtra West Feb 19.

The Centre is not announcing a new vision, he explained. Rather, the rebranding means “a new name and likely a louder version of what our vision and mission is.”

“The Centre is overdue for a name change and we’re looking to improve how we communicate” with the community, he said.

Asked if he thinks The Centre communicates poorly now, he said no. “What we want to do is improve on what we’re doing. We think this is part of the process.”