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C’est so so fashion ca!

Do you ever look at garments and think, like, I'm so fashion, I'm so badass, you bitches got nothing on me? I think you do, don't lie compadres. Montreal's very own Fashion's Nght Out-type event is ce soir and that means tonight you friggin anglos! Just kidding. I love my people.

Check it out f'reals. It's like, gonna change your life, or at least your ensembles. popmontreal.com

"Fashion POP: The Annual Puces POP Fashion Show and Emerging Designers Award is a competition in which six up-and-coming Montreal couturiers each put together a streamlined six-look collection and present their work to a panel of industry professionals."

In completely unrelated news, here's a video that makes me think I need to learn more finger dances to be even more badass. (Ahem, fingerdances. That's right, I said it.)

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