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2 min The naked & the clothed

Gay guys get turned on by straight power play

If you’re looking for hot, straight, subservient men, let me recommend clothed female, naked male (CFNM) porn.

There is tons of CFNM porn out there, and the genre ranges from scenes with a couple of sluttily dressed women stroking off and teasing a man to full domination and torture scenes. The only requirement for it to be called CFNM is that the girl keeps her clothes on while the guy gets naked.

While it may be marketed to straights, CFNM is very conducive to gay viewing. As in, there’s a lot of cock. Veteran gay porn producer William Higgins even has a line of CFNM titles that he shot in Prague — and his camera lingers almost exclusively on the guys in the scenes. Some of his women are average in appearance, and they often use restraints and dildos on the fellows.

Once in a while he’ll even do a guy-on-guy blowjob. I love the scene in CFNM More Than Just a Massage where both guys jerk off while sucking the two chicks’ strap-ons. I’m sure Higgins uses a lot of the men from his gay productions in CFNM videos as a gift. As a producer who has worked with many gay-for-pay models myself, I can tell you that rewarding them with pussy once in a while keeps them happy.

Pink Visual has a series called Attack of the CFNM. The ladies are all classic pornstar types and most of the males are super built and super hot, but they don’t appear to be professional porn performers. So you get to see some of the piggish yearning of straight guys when they have three girls dominating them and denying them sex.

You can tell that the men aren’t experienced with giving up control, and it’s cool to see what the females get away with doing to them. The Attack series is not as hardcore as Higgins’s stuff, in that the women mostly stay away from the guys’ assholes, but I still like the whole dynamic.

I recommend Scene 1 from Volume 1 of the Attack series for the camp value alone — a hot guy’s wife leaves him an apple pie and a note saying she’s gone shopping. The guy decides to finger fuck and molest the pie. He talks to it like it’s a girl; he even names it (Anna Apple Pie). Of course, his wife and her two friends walk in on him fucking the pie in the missionary position on the kitchen table, and a drama ensues involving his hard cock, three bitchy chicks and pie filling. 

Of course there are other similar categories of porn, including CMNM (clothed male, naked male) and CMNF (clothed male, naked female), but these genres are nowhere near as developed as CFNM. I wouldn’t recommend any specific member site for this, but search for CFNM on any of the big straight multi-studio sites (free or paid), and you will find a plethora of scenarios with guys getting naked while the girls keep their clothes on.