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Chali 2na at Bluesfest

I should start off by making it clear that there is nothing queer about hip-hop artist Chali 2na.

However, if you are a marijuana advocate who digs rap, Chali 2na is an act you must catch next time he's in town. If not for his smooth, electronic-infused rhymes, then for the secondhand weed fumes.

After a bouncy opener, Chali 2na asked the Bluesfest crowd, "Do you want to get high?" As any bystander could smell, the crowd already was.

Chali 2na was a founding member of legendary hip-hop outfit Jurassic 5. I recall blasting "What's Golden" from my mother's Honda Civic while driving around Kanata during my high school years. After Jurassic 5 disbanded in 2007, Chali 2na hit it out alone, releasing Fish Outta Water in 2009. 

So if you are the kind of queer who shrugs off stereotypes by disliking Gaga and listening to white rappers after Labour Day, check out this Chicago-born Islamic blazer

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