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Charge against Rand withdrawn in Dixie Landers case

Ottawa woman cleared in Centretown Pub incident

The sole count of assault has been withdrawn more than a year after Sheri-Lee Rand was charged, court documents show.

Rand was one of two people charged in relation to an incident at Centretown Pub on May 25, 2007. Ottawa drag queen Dixie Landers, also known as Michael Marcil, was injured during an altercation at that time.

Rand, 30, and Andrew Lefebvre were charged Jun 28, 2007. The two cases proceeded separately.

At a pre-trial Jun 18, 2008, Justice Fraser reduced the charge against Rand from assault causing bodily harm to a simple assault charge. At the time, the court heard from two witnesses, but Fraser ordered a publication ban on the proceedings.

Although Rand, 30, has been cleared, there are still outstanding charges in connection with the incident. Therefore, reporting on the substance of the witness’s testimony could jeopardize the second case.

Lefebvre will appear in court in Nov 4-7.