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Charlie David…and SJP

Literally just stepped in the door, returning from Victoria Pride, which culminated in the usual chaotic you-are-the-parade Pride Parade through the heart of old town Victoria. Victoria was my first pride. So I'm baised. But there is definitely something unique about their Sunday celebration, where the crowd joins the end of the parade and everyone marches down to Fisherman's Wharf for an outdoor festival.

And it happened. After many close calls and near misses, I finally spoke with this guy:

Apparently Charlie David is living in Victoria for the time being. We managed to talk for a bit but I didn't ask what's brought him back to West Coast Canada. What do you think? Should I hit him up for an Up Your Alley interview?

Another hot topic this weekend was Sarah Jessica Parker. Why? Who can say. But a friend of mine sent me this comic a few weeks ago and I'm posting it for all those SJP-haters in Victoria: