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Cheap, malicious gossip!

Most days, I try to take the high road on our pop culture journey but sometimes it's fun to just dish — ask the scientists!

My favourite story from this weekend (and by "fortunate" I mean "skin crawling") is about vapid fortunate son Ben Mulroney, who — according to an anonymous anecdote from the red carpets of the Toronto International Film Festival last week — hit a new low in his career of annoying celebrities:

"Kristin Scott Thomas had her film premiered last night at Winter
Garden. The first person to interview her is Ben Mulroney from ETALK.
The first question he asks her is, 'so, how do you feel about
Swayze's death.' She obviously didn't know as it happened a few hours
was so upset that she left her own premier."

But who am I to judge?  I'm the guy who can't help but link to the tabloid photo of Robin Williams' penis that no one wanted to see!

What I WON'T do, however, is make a dance remix of some newsman's weird self-inflicted embarrassment. That's just cruel and — oooh, here's one now:

Tomorrow: something vaguely beneficial to the public good!