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Chechen crisis, rainbow flags and progesterone

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Chechnya arrests and kills gay men

According to a Russian newspaper, police in the predominantly Muslim region of Chechnya are rounding up and killing gay men in a “prophylactic sweep.” Government officials denied the report, and denied that there were even any gay people in Chechnya.

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Rainbow flag creator dies

Gilbert Baker, who created the rainbow flag as a gay symbol in 1978, has died at the age of 65. Baker created the flag after it was commissioned by gay rights legend Harvey Milk.

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Mothers treated with progesterone more likely to have non-straight children

A new study from the Kinsey institute suggests that mothers who were treated with the hormone progesterone during pregnancy are more likely to have non-straight children. The finding could lead to more answers about how sexual orientation is formed in the developing brain.

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Two gay men attacked in the Netherlands

A gay couple returning from a dance party were attacked and beaten with bolt cutters in the Netherlands. The men say they were targeted because they were holding hands.

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Asian companies lowest on LGBT benefits

According to a report by global consulting firm Mercer, Asian companies lag significantly behind North American and European companies in offering benefits to LGBT employees. Companies often cited local laws or social perception for their lack of coverage.

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