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Chemical leaching, pepper spray and the Chinese Will and Grace

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Kiev couple kicked and pepper-sprayed while recreating Moscow stunt

After two male Russian bloggers decided to see what would happen if they held hands walking down the street, a Ukranian gay couple decided to repeat the experiment. At first, the Ukranians were met with curiosity and even a little support, but then were surrounded, pepper-sprayed and beaten by a gang of far-right thugs. 

Born this way, or not?

In The Guardian, sexuality journalist Simon Copland writes that, while gay advocates often claim that they are “born this way,” sexual orientation may be formed more by social construction and not genes. Neuroscientist Qazi Rahman strikes back in the same publication, however, arguing that twin studies and genetic research have shown conclusively that sexual orientation has little to do with socialization. 

China’s first gay sitcom makes waves

Chinese Will and Grace look-alike Rainbow Family is pulling in millions of views on the internet. The show’s producer, gay social app creator Ling Jueding, says he hopes the show will be on TV some day, but Chinese government sponsors are still wary of gay content. 

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UK politician apologizes for “hacked” tweet 

UK Liberal Democratic leader Tim Farron has apologized for a tweet that he said was the work of a hacker, saying that homosexuality is caused by “chemical leaching” in the same way as “fish and frogs.” Farron has been criticized before for his lukewarm support of gay rights, but says that this tweet had nothing to do with his own views.

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Growing up gay in Saudia Arabia 

What would it be like growing up lesbian in a country where women are not allowed to drive, and homosexuality is punishable by death? At PRI, a Saudi woman tells her story of coming to terms with her sexuality, and leaving her home country for good.