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Cher employs twerking Andrew Christian models in her latest video

We knew this day would come. That one day, Cher — the almighty gay icon — would merge her power with those of twerking underwear models, thus creating what scientists can only describe as “the gay Voltron."

Cher released a new music video today for her single “Take It Like a Man.” If it looks as though the entire thing is just one huge Andrew Christian commercial, that’s because it is: the video is literally just a bunch of Andrew Christian ads stitched together with a Cher song layer on top like whipped cream atop a sundae.

And that’s why Cher is the best. Do not argue this fact.

(Also, how weird is it to see Antonio Biaggi in a Cher video? Is that fucking with anyone else’s head, because I am just freaking the hell out over here.)